Tenant check out

At the end of the tenancy you will need Proactive Inventories to carry out a final report for the current tenant. When they leave they will expect their deposit back and to help avoid any disputes we take them through the inventory that they signed agreed at the start of the tenancy when we checked them in.

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Having your investment property assessed by an independent, accredited clerk will afford you the peace of mind that the property is being inspected by someone who is qualified to make the correct judgements, based on their professional opinion and who is up to date with legislation on fair wear and tear.

This means you are far less likely to end up with a dispute as the tenant knows the assessment has been made in an unbiased way. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a dispute, because you had the property independently assessed you are more likely to receive a favourable outcome, especially if a tenant check in was carried out also.

  • We compare the entire property at the visit as to how it was received by the tenant on the day they moved in.
  • All changes are noted and recorded as either tenant chargeable items, landlords maintenance issues or further investigation (if more information is required to make the correct decision).
  • Full colour pictures are taken of every change to the property and we add those pictures to the final report.
  • Proactive will carry out a full inspection of your property and secure it before leaving. We will then compile a full report separating tenant damages and landlord maintenance issues, as requested by the Dispute service.
  • The adjudicators for dispute cases acknowledge the use of independent companies and in one of our winning cases it was stated "We take comfort when seeing evidence submissions from independent companies as they have standards to maintain as well as remaining neutral when carrying out any inspection."
  • Proactive can handle your deposit return for you from start to finish, dealing directly with the tenant and the deposit holders, calculating charges and negotiating with all parties to finalise the tenancy.
  • We will also obtain forwarding address details from the tenant at checkout and pass these onto your agent.