Compliance Assessment

We all hope we are protected and covered in an emergency, but do you know for sure?

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Complicated changes to the law regarding health and safety in residential properties in 2015 has left many Landlords open to fines and the potential for a tragedy occurring. Added to this, as residential properties get closer to "commercial" style regulations, insurance companies are quick to request evidence of a properties compliance to protect their interests.
Information and knowledge are key to making a path through to compliance, but where do you get this from?

At Proactive Inventories we believe removing pain and stress for our clients is part of our job description, so we have put together an inspection package that is designed to make sure you are working within the legislation and are you are fulfilling your duty of care to your tenants.

We will visit your rental property and carry out a full assessment based on the requirements at the time. Once all the information is in hand, we will produce an action plan for you, make recommendations and even get the quotes for the changes that may be required. Once the changes have been made, we can reassess the property and issue you a certification of compliance. This will satisfy all your legal duty of care and will be your independent verification you run a legal rental property.

Naturally as the specification changes from government we will also change to keep in line with it. Unfortunately, in these days of blame culture we need to be clear on compliance, don't risk creating a huge problem for yourself from an avoidable situation.

Some of the areas covered in the assessment are:

  • Smoke and heat detectors
  • Fitted blinds
  • Gas safety
  • Legionella risk awareness
  • Fire and Furnishings act
  • Trip hazards
  • Visual inspection of electrical system

For a free, no obligation chat on this service and your duties as a Landlord call and ask for Leon.