Compliance check in

With huge changes to the legislation in 2015 it is now more important than ever to ensure your tenant is checked into your property and has signed to agree the compliance duties have been met. Simply handing over the keys is no longer an option.

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Failure to comply with any of the new legislation could lead to potential fines, as stated in our Landlord Compliance page on this website.

This will keep you working within the best practice for a trouble free tenancy, should you need to involve the TDS or other regulatory body at any point in the term of the agreement, these reports will show you are a responsible, professional landlord and the pictures will be heavy evidence should you need to claim any monies due.

Having a signed check in removes any chances of the tenant not agreeing with the inventory document at a later date should there be a dispute. Having these processes in place not only protects your investment, it actually makes the tenants take more care of your property as they live in it.

  • Your tenant is met at the property by one of our qualified check in clerks, who will have a copy of your report on ipad and the property keys to be handed over.
  • The clerk will take the tenant through some basic housekeeping and guidelines for the property, giving some advice on avoiding damages and how to live in a rental property without incurring huge charges at tenancy end.
  • Tenants are shown where the electric, gas and water isolators are kept and how to use them. The document is then read through by the clerk, room by room as they walk through the property. This is a crucial part of the process.
  • The tenant will be given the perfect opportunity to disagree with the inventory and will have been advised on the usage of the property by the check in clerk. At the end of the tenancy any claim that damages were there at the start would be unrealistic and easily discredited.
  • Once this section is completed the clerk and tenant will read the meters together and agree the totals, they will then also hand over and sign for keys and possession of the property from the clerk. You or your agent will receive a digitally signed legally binding inventory document at the end of the visit. A copy is also emailed directly to the tenant.

Please note: an unsigned inventory may be ignored by the dispute resolution service.