Check out case studies

Case Study 5


These photos are from a check out carried out in early 2015 and is a prime example of a tenant abandoning a property.

The property was left with all furniture items left in place, clothing, food, and personal items throughout the property. The property required rubbish and furniture removal, full professional cleaning and full redecoration throughout. There was also evidence of pets and smoking throughout, with the addition of fleas! Meaning that full deodorising and fumigating was required.

As it was a fresh refurbishment at the start of tenancy and the landlord had a professional independent inventory to prove this, they were able to charge all of the costs back to the tenants deposit.

Additionally in this particular case, there were so many items all over the property that the clerk could not fully inspect the areas. There was a second visit required to inspect for further damage after rubbish removal and cleaning had taken place.