Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an inventory?

Having an accurate, independent inventory on your property dramatically increases your chances of a worry free tenancy as both parties agree to content and condition at the beginning in writing. The inventory also has a massive effect on the decision making process at dispute tribunals.

Why does it need to be independent?

Independent reports are unbiased and are accepted as trustworthy in the industry and are regarded by courts as faithful interpretations of a property.

Why should we trust Proactive Inventories?

Proactive Inventories works to a strict self imposed work ethic. We also adhere to the guidelines from the AIIC, the governing body who regulates inventory clerks.Proactive Inventories are fully insured.

What happens when a tenancy ends and the tenant wants their deposit back?

Proactive Inventories can complete a check out report for you, record any damages, lease with the agent and tenant to agree dilapidation charges, arrange a deduction form and complete the process with all parties.

Who is the AIIC?

They are the regulatory body for independent inventory clerks. It is voluntary for clerks to abide by their code of practice.

Who keeps all the reports?

Either your agent or you will keep copies of all reports carried out on your properties. The relevant tenant will have a copy of the inventory they signed and the check in report, plus any mid term reports. Proactive Inventories also keeps copies of all data on hard drives.

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