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Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

At Proactive Inventories we are committed to providing reports that ensure both tenant and landlord are happy and can move on with their lives. Sometimes things do not go smoothly and one party or both cannot find common ground on which to agree. The matter of who is responsible for what and why can be confusing and daunting for both.

In the event you find yourself in this position we can help.

We offer arbitration services to help you try and resolve any issues and avoid the case making dispute.

We create a Schedule of Works, cleaning and maintenance with clear and concise costs laid out in plain English. The pack will contain the quotes for the works required and a full explanation of who pay and why.

You can then deal with the tenants yourself and negotiate or we will take all the stress away from you. We will contact the tenants directly to discuss the deposit return and all the costs involved. We produce the schedule as above, but talk to them as an independent, unbiased third person to resolve any concerns both of you might have. We will negotiate for you, but will advise you what you are not due as well as what you are due. Tenants, like all of us make better decision when they have the correct information to hand.

Should the case go to dispute we will put your evidence pack together for you and lodge the dispute.

It is well known that a poorly compiled evidence pack with a Landlords own Inventory is primarily why Landlords lose dispute cases! 

For more detailed information and costs on these services please contact out head office.

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