Deposit Return Calculations

Deposit Return Calculation

Sometimes it can be difficult for landlords to establish the correct charges against the tenant's deposit.

How much should you charge for cleaning, redecoration, gardening and a host of other works to be completed? It is very easy to fall into dispute with your tenant simply by miscalculating just how much things cost.  It is equally as easy to end up losing money by underestimating how much deposit to withold.

In order to avoid this situation entirely you can employ Proactive Inventories to make the calculations for you directly after the checkout has been compiled. We will provide both you and your tenant with a full break down of charges alongside which will be an explanation for your tenant of why they are being charged for these items.

Communication is the key in these situations and an informed tenant who understands the deductions from their deposit is far less likely to raise a dispute.

Deposit return calculations allow for a much smoother, faster hand over allowing the new tenancy to commence with less stress.

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