Check Out Case Studies 

As property inspectors, we quite frequently come across properties that highlight the importance of having an indepenedent inventory carried out.  The case studies that follow are just a brief insight into the level of damage some tenants will cause to a property.

Fortunately, on some of these occasions the landlords were lucky enough to have had an independent inventory carried out by Proactive, meaning they had full evidence of the condition and content of the property from the start of tenancy.

Case Study 1

These photos were taken at a check out carried out last year, the property had been completely destroyed and left in a horrendous state by the tenants.  

The level of damage here amounted to approximately £14000. On this occassion, the money was obtained from the tenants deposit and guarantor, however if the landlord had not had a independent inventory on the property, he would have been liable to pay for this damage himself.

Case Study 2

These photos were taken at a check out carried out in 2014, the tenants have left the property filthy dirty throughout.  

There was heavy food residue throughout the kitchen, oven and fridge, with heavy burnt on grease and carbon to the hob and thick grease to the kitchen extractor. Bathrooms were left with thick limescale throughout and extremely heavy orange discolouration to the shower areas. The toilet flush was broken and had been repaired by using two bungee cords and a laptop bag.

Property required a professional cleaning throughout and the toilet to be repaired.

Case Study 3

This check out was conducted early this year and the property was left with a huge amount of damage and requiring cleaning throughout.

There were rubbish items and large furniture items left throughout the property which required removal. One of the bedroom windows had been broken and a large section of the frame had fallen off into the garden. The bathroom and kitchen were left filthy dirty and the property required a full professional clean throughout.

There was also evidence of pets in the property with heavy animal hair throughout the flooring and upper surfaces, and pet food found in the kitchen, meaning the property would have required fumigating and deodorising at the tenants cost.

Case Study 4

These photos were taken at a property during a Schedule of Condition visit in early 2016.  The property has suffered severe malicious damage throughout.  

The tenants have used spray paint and grafittied all through the property.  Flooring throughout the property will need replacing, the walls redecorating, the original wooden support beams will need professional cleaning and to be retreated, the bathroom suite and kitchen units and appliances will also need replacing. All the windows and doors will need replacing.

Unforunately this particular landlord did not have an Inventory and Schedule of Condition carried out.  As a result he is sadly liable for the damage caused.  He is now facing a lengthy civil case to try and obtain any compensation to put the extensive damage right.

Case Study 5

These photos are from a check out carried out in early 2015 and is a prime example of a tenant abandoning a property.  

The property was left with all furniture items left in place, clothing, food, and personal items throughout the property.  The property required rubbish and furniture removal, full professional cleaning and full redecoration throughout.  There was also evidence of pets and smoking throughout, with the addition of fleas! Meaning that full deodorising and fumigating was required.

As it was a fresh refurbishment at the start of tenancy and the landlord had a professional independent inventory to prove this, they were able to charge all of the costs back to the tenants deposit.

Additionally in this particular case, there were so many items all over the property that the clerk could not fully inspect the areas.  There was a second visit required to inspect for further damage after rubbish removal and cleaning had taken place. 

Obviously, all cases vary on an individual basis and there are many contributing factors to these situations.

Don't forget at Proactive we offer Deposit Return and Dispute Resolution services to help with this potentially stressful situation. 

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